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Polygon Love 2 Eroge Game Download [English] [390 MB]

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There is this childhood friend of yours who acts as your imouto. And you can do whatever you like with her. You can change her hairstyle, clothes, and all. As this is an eroge game ecchi things are also possible. You can choose any location and place start your gameplay oops ecchi-play haha...

[- Screenshots -]

[- Running This Game -]
  • 1st Step: extract Polygon Love 2.rar to any folder you like
  • 2nd Step: extract "PL2 add-ons.rar", a folder named "add-ons" will appear
  • 3rd Step: open this folder and move the 1635 files to "Polygon Love 2\add-ons"
  • 4th Step: to start the game, open "PL2.exe" - see Readme for Controls (if you use a computer with lower specifications and if you should have problems running the game, then use "PL2_Crazycatz (LS).exe")
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